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1. What is it for?

Easy Collect aims to facilitate the implementation, maintenance and standardization of tags in the context of digital analytics.

An example of the efforts involved in supporting standardization is the implementation of functions similar to the functions of the jQuery library, commonly used in tagging projects. In this way, even in the absence of this, it will be possible to guarantee the standard and quality of data collection (See the compatibility table). If jQuery exists, Easy Collect simply delegates execution to it. The code in both cases will be the same.

** Easy Collect Features:**

Access here the “Technical Reference Document”

1.1. Understanding the library

One of the main concepts of Easy Collect is the maintenance of its API through a basic versioning SemVer. For specific situations that will not happen again, we recommend expanding your API through the fn object.

The Object fn

It’s a global variable within the scope of the Easy Collect object, in order to group functions that do not belong to the current scope of the project.

easyCollect.fn.myFunction = function(name) {
easyCollect.fn.myFunction('DP6'); // DP6

1.2. Compatibility

Easy Collect depends on the native querySelectorAll function. The browsers that support this functionality are:

Chrome Firefox IE Opera Safari
1 3.5 8 10 3.2

2. Tag Managers

Initially, in version 1.0, the library supports Google Tag Manager with sending data to Google Analytics. It’s planned to support other tools on the market as well.

2.1. Google Tag Manager

3. How to contribute

Pull requests welcome! We would love some help to evolve this module. Feel free to search for open issues. If there’s a new feature or bug, please open a new issue, so our team can follow up.

3.1 Prerequirements

It will only be accepted contributions that follows the below requirements:


DP6 Koopa-troopa Team

e-mail: koopas@dp6.com.br